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Dominique McElligott

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Born on May 3rd, 1986 (Taurus) in Dublin, Ireland


173 cm (5' 9")

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I don't like routine and I don't like rules.
I distinctly remember watching Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot, and my parents were discussing the fact that hes an actor. To me, it was a foreign concept. I was like, Someone is pretending to do that? Thats so awesome! After that, it just stayed in the back of my mind.
Every director is different, but the insights from new people on set give you a different opinion and perspective, which is always embraced, in some way.
I miss L.A. because of the weather. It can change so much in Calgary. You can get a storm one minute, and then the sun will come out and it will be hot.
I did do an American pilot, but it wasnt shot in America, it was shot in South Africa. It was called The Philanthropist, and it was for NBC.

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